110+ Classes. 0 Excuses. | 14 people Max per class so you can avoid the cattle call.

We’ve put our exclusive spin on TRX, ViPR, TRX-Pilates, Power Yoga, kettlebells, and Bosu to create exclusive high intensity classes – and all-new fusion classes – that are unlike anything you’ve done before.

Classes are limited to 14 people, so you receive highly personalized attention from the instructor and get the most from every one of your 30 minutes. With this kind of attention, your form, technique and progression are monitored and the workout altered so every muscle can be worked and targeted.

bodyFi classes have minimal recovery periods, which may sound hard but, surprisingly, is not. We design these classes to knock down the obstacles that keep you from living a healthy lifestyle in today’s fast-paced world. Come experience our award-winning personal training in a group fitness environment.

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TRX HIT | Learn More

  • Featured in Details magazine as one of the best group fitness options, this intermediate class gives you a high-intensity, total-body workout in just 30 minutes. Think of it as TRX on steroids, without the steroids.
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New! Plyo-Pilates
Mission Studio, 2nd Floor
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  • Maximize every drop of sweat with this continual movement class of dynamic moves designed to build strength through elongation. No rest between exercises means you’ll feel the burn as you challenge your stamina, burn calories, build core strength, and sculpt long, lean muscles. We throw in small, intense bursts of plyometric exercises to keep that heart rate up and those calories burning. -No Shoes!


TRX Bosu | Learn More

  • This intermediate-to-advanced class combines the TRX with a Bosu ball. A Bosu is a half-ball, flat on one side and bouncy on the other, which is often used for balance training. With the dome up, the Bosu ball provides an unstable surface while the ball itself remains stable. This combination of stable and unstable is great for a huge variety of challenging exercises, athletic drills and aerobic activities.


TRX | Learn More

    This fun, intense workout revolves around the TRX (those long straps that hang from the ceiling). TRX is a revolutionary suspension training system that uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability – all at the same time. For all fitness levels.


Starts 7/8-7/15 | 10 Spots Left!
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  • Join our 14th Biggest Winner, 60-Days Fitness Challenge Starts on 7/8-7/15
  • 20 People will Compete for over $500 in cash/prizes
    => Train 5x/wk ($200/mo, $10/ea)
    => Train 4x/wk ($180/mo, $11.25/ea)
    => Train 3x/wk ($160/mo, $13/ea)


ViPR (New!) | Learn More

    ViPR (“Viper”) is the newest way to get one of bodyFi’s signature high-intensity, total body workouts in just 30 minutes. This hollow rubber tube comes in models weighing 8-22lbs and is an extremely effective training tool. Each workout combines traditional resistance exercises with challenging agility drills. You lift, twist, throw, push and pull the tube to hit every muscle in your body. After 30 minutes, you’ll be sweaty, pumped, and smiling. Try a ViPR session today.
    Tu/Th 4:30pm
    Th: 6pm
    Wed/Fri 11:30am, 12:30pm
    Sat: 11am


TRX Pilates | Learn More

    Maximize your time and effort with this dynamic, continual movement class designed to build strength through elongation. This class will challenge your stamina as you work through the exercises without rest, burning calories and sculpting long, lean muscles as you build core strength and feel the burn. Adding the TRX component increases the stability and intensity level. You’re welcome.


Training Day | Training Day 101
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  • This intermediate/advanced class is designed for the athlete in you. It’s our most challenging circuit training class with advanced drills using the TRX, Bosu, kettlebells, and more.

  • If the Training Day class sounds too intense, try Training Day 101, a beginner-friendly class. You’ll learn how to use the TRX and Bosu through simple drills designed to improve strength, core and endurance. This class is a required starting point for all new clients, and is great for anyone who wants or needs to stay at a lower intensity.


Kettlebell Training Day

Provide a quick workout - 30 minutes or less - that targets all your major muscle groups. Increase core stability. Serious exercisers understand the importance of increasing the stability of one's core, especially the abdominal and back muscles. But it's hard to work the entire core, including the obliques, abdominals, and adductors, in one workout. The kettlebell workout involves a circuit that gets your heart pumping while it strengthens muscles. Let you combine cardio and strength training.

Mon/Wed: 4:30pm, 6pm
Tue/Thurs 11:30am, 12:30pm, 7:00pm


New Studio Boot Camp | Learn More

    This high-intensity class was created especially for the athlete in you, no matter what your fitness level. You’ll shred fat with circuit-training drills using the TRX, Bosu, and your own body weight. Designed to improve strength and endurance, each class focuses on the core, plus at least two muscle groups. Gold medal optional.


Result Accelerator Workshops |
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  • 60-minute workshops: 5:30-6:30pm | $45/ea | Sign up HERE (not available w/ regular studio class package) Purchase a Single Session or 5-Pack 30-minute workshop: 6:30-7pm | $25/ea | Sign up HERE (not available w/ regular studio class package) Purchase a Single Session or 5-Pack Each workshop is limited to just 4 clients so you'll get personalized attention from your trainer to make the most out of the session. These personal training workshops are designed to maximize your skills, and to complement your hard-work in our classes, so you can get to your goals faster, without hurting yourself. Learn proper form & precise movements for: squats, kettlebell swings, pushups, pullups, foam rolling, and more.


TRX HardCORE | Learn More

    This one really focuses on getting a stronger core and you’ll be surprised at how effective it is. Take it 3x/week and you’ll be well on your way to having a 6-pack. The TRX also challenges your balance and endurance, but don’t let the “hard” part of the name scare you off – it’s also lots of fun!