Build Strength, Not Bulk in Just 30-45 minutes.

Pilates = a sleek, toned body, slender thighs and a flat abdomen.

Pilates is based on finding balance in the body. By eliminating unnecessary downtime between exercises that target opposing muscle groups, your cardiovascular system is continually challenged so your body creates better habits while building lean muscle mass.  Not only can these specially designed exercises improve your posture, but they’ll add muscle definition, increase your flexibility, and have you feeling stronger and healthier in a surprisingly short time.

bodyFi offers two distinct ways to experience all the great benefits Pilates has to offer: group classes and private sessions. All classes and sessions are taught by certified, experienced Pilates instructors in our dedicated Pilates studio.

Group classes

Our Reformer classes are limited to 6-8 people, so you receive highly personalized and individual attention from the instructor. You’ll definitely get the most out of every one of your 45 minutes. With this kind of attention, your form and technique will stay on track and every muscle can be worked and targeted. Which means you’ll progress quickly. 

Private sessions

Take your Pilates workouts to the next level with these customized sessions that incorporate more of Joseph Pilates’ equipment such as the tower or EXO chair. It’ll challenge your balance, strength and coordination in a whole new way.

Private sessions are great if you:

• Need to focus on a previous injury

• Are pre- or post-natal

• Have a specific goal

• Want a more intense workout

• Want to challenge your stamina with a full 60-minute session

• Want to train privately with a friend

Click here for our Pilates class schedule (Check FiDi OR Mission)

Click here to request a Private Pilates appointment.

Please note: Minimum of 3 per class is needed to keep the class open.  A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all Pilates and yoga classes, and private appointments.



Pilates Reformer Jumpboard Class
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    A higher intensity Pilates session using the jumpboards for quick, cardio intervals to keep your heart rate up and burn extra calories. Class will still focus on Joseph Pilates’ principles of balance, flexibility and strength.
    For intermediate-advanced students.

    $240/10-Pack ($24/ea)
    $175/mo for 10 classes/mo AutoPay ($17.5/ea)
    $250/mo Unlimited AutoPay (1x/day)


EXO Chair - Advanced Level
Private Only | Learn More

    It may be called a chair but there isn’t much sitting involved. This versatile piece of equipment can challenge you in a surprising number of ways.
    Pro Instructor, 60-minute: $75/single, $720/10-pack ($72/ea), $1360/20-pack ($68/ea)
    Elite Instructor, 30-minute: $55/single, $400/8-pack ($50/ea), $768 (16-pack ($48/ea), $1104/24-pack ($46/ea)


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    This class is for all levels, newbies to advanced – anyone wanting more time to focus on finding that deep burn. Allow your body to find the perfect balance between flexibility and strength using the original piece of Pilates equipment.

    $220/mo AutoPay unlimited (1X/day)
    $55/wk AutoPay unlimited(1x/day)


Private Pilates | Learn More

  • Train with a certified & experienced Pilates Instructor in a dedicated Pilates Studio, conveniently located inside our Financial District Studio
  • Pro Instructor, 60-minute:
    $720/10-pack ($72/ea)
    $1360/20-pack ($68/ea)

  • Elite Instructor, 30-minute:
    $400/8-pack ($50/ea)
    $768 (16-pack ($48/ea)
    $1104/24-pack ($46/ea)


6-Weeks Pilates Boot Camp
$250 for 18 Classes, 3x/week
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    Commit to 6-weeks to a fitter, leaner, you. Train 3x/week. Choose one timeslot:7am, 12pm, 5:30pm, 6:15pm (Mission) Click HERE to sign up.


Pilates Duet | Learn More

  • Take Pilates with a friend – it’s fun! Like any private training session, doing it together can help keep you motivated and introduce a little friendly competition to keep you on track. Save 25%

  • 30-Minute Pro Instructor
    $360/10-pack ($36/ea)
    $680/20-pack ($35/ea)